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Creative Content Producer

& Stylist

We live in a new world where content is everything! Taking a brand and creating a look is my specialty.

Designing a look can be tough! Why not get a little help?


I see a lot of different designers  that are displaying their brands' mission through social media and their website but sometimes they miss the mark for telling the story behind their look/season. My goal is to create that for your brand. As a Content Producer my goal is to give you the full package.


 My past history in the entertainment world starts majoring in producing and storytelling at a great college in Chicago, Columbia Liberal Arts, and receiving my Masters in Education with a focus in Art and Technology through Ashford University. 


Through the years I also picked up a great eye for fashion and love it as well! Finally, being able to mix all of my passions into one to create outstanding creative content is what I live for, so let me help you! Rates vary depending on projects but a guarantee for the lowest price possible!

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